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Seminar on experience exchange between stakeholders from Eastern Baltic Sea Region on options for reduction of hazardous substances. Findings and recommendations from COHIBA and other projects


We kindly invite you to participate in international seminar on options for reduction of hazardous substances to be held in Riga, Latvia on 7-8 December 2011.

The aim of the seminar is to strengthen capacity building and exchange of experience between different stakeholders from Eastern Baltic Sea Region on different options how to reduce hazardous substances and represent the findings from recent projects as COHIBA, BaltActHaz, BaltHazar, etc.

The target group of the seminar is stakeholders from Eastern Baltic Sea Region countries.

Location: Maritim I hall of the Maritim Park hotel Riga located at Slokas street 1, Riga,

The Conference will be opened on 7 December at 14:00 and will be closed on 8 December at 13:00.

Programme Outline

  • Findings regarding occurrence of the target hazardous substances and their major sources in E-BSR;

  • Substance Flow Analysis model for the five countries EE, LV, LT, PL, RU – methods, findings, challenges

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants: one actor, many issues: emissions in effluents, substance input & source tracking – the WWTP operator as key actor for substance reduction

  • Measures for substance reduction at industry: the potential for cost-efficient solutions opposing the myth of “we cannot afford it in E-BSR”

  • Permitting as tool for substance reduction: major challenges for E-BSR at all stakeholders 

  • Recommendations from COHIBA (and other regional projects) to E-BSR region: what to do to reduce emissions on the target substances.

Languages of the seminar are English and Russian (simultaneous translation will be available).

Deadline for registration by 15 November 2011

There are no participation fees to the seminar. Accommodation and travels should be arranged by the COHIBA partner’s themselves.

Presentations of the seminar can be downloaded below:

For further information, please contact: 

Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia is the partner hosting the seminar.

Contact information: Agnese Linde, ph. mail:

Technical arrangements: Liga Karkle, ph. mail:

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