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As a preliminary action WP6 has mapped the relevant stakeholders in the context of the COHIBA project. The mapping was done in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland and based on this a target group assessment of training needs was carried out to evaluate the level of current knowledge and level of interest of mentioned target groups with relation to certain topics. For assessing the training needs in specific countries a questionnaire was elaborated and the analysis formulated into country specific reports and was used as input to elaborate concept for training programme.

To raise awareness on hazardous substance concept WP6 has organized seminar and expert meetings with Russian stakeholders and with partners from Eastern side of the Baltic Sea Region (E-BSR).

In addition WP6 has helped to elaborate the Glossary of terms into E-BSR languages as basic tool for project partner and stakeholder communication. Link to the Glossary

Further information about trainings, as well as training material are available at BEF Estonia website

August 2010 – January 2011
Training Block 1

Permitting/management of hazardous substances (1 day training)

Target group: consulting experts, industry, permitting authorities


  • 10 November: training for waste water treatment plants, small and medium sized enterprises and consultants
  • 30 November: training for industrial enterprises
  • 3 December: training for state authorities (permitting authority, ministery, inspectorate)


  • 7 December 2010: training for state authorities

  • 25 January 2011: training for industrial enterprises

  • 3 December 2010: training for state authorities


  • Trainings for mixed group of permitting authorities, waste water treatment plants and industry 30 November, 2 December and 6 December 2010


  • Trainings in 2011

February 2011 – July 2011
Training Block 2

Training on selected hazardous substances testing methodologies

  • International training in the laboratory of the Finnish Environment Institute 3-5 May 2011
  • Target group: specialists from project partner laboratories

Training Block 3

Treatment methods / measures for Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • National trainings: Estonia 20.5.2011 and still to come in Latvia and Poland

  • Target group: Wastewater treatment plants

Training Block 4

Identification of sources and estimation of quantities of hazardous substances

  • National trainings: Estonia 13.5.2011; Lithuania 24.2.2011; still to come in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

  • Target group: ministeries, regional authorities, permitting authorities, environmental information agencies
July 2011 – December 2011
Training Block 5
Introduction of Whole Effluent Assessment (WEA) approach
  • 2 national trainings (EST, LT, LV, PL)
  • Target group: industry/waste water treatment plants; ministeries/regional authorities/laboratories
Training Block 6

Management measures for substance reduction/substitution for selected industry branches

  • National trainings (EST, LT, LV, PL)
  • Target group: industry, professional associations
  • Brochures for 3 selected industry branches on management measures (in EE, LV, LT, PL languages)

The concept for all training blocks was elaborated with close co-operation with other project work packages (transfer of experience from the western experts, exchange of good practices and results from work packages). For this concept development throughout the project several meetings were held for project partners to discuss the content of trainings.    


Kertu-Kirit Sild (), Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia.

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