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Outcomes of work packages

Work package 3 - Identification and control

The following ring-test reports of chemicals are now available:

Final national reports of WP3 "Innovative approaches to chemical  controls of hazardous substances" are available here:

The final outcomes of Work package 3 based on the above reports resulted in the following final publications:

Work package 4 - Sources and Flows

The national reports (below) summarises the results of the Substance Flow Analyses. 

Case-studies reports are presented below:

The result of modelling are presented in the following report

Work package 5 - Management measures

The Guidance documents for specific substances are available below:

The complimentary report on management measures was delivered by Denmark.

Inventory of Measures was compiled using information from a questionnaire, literature studies and workshops.

Reports on evaluation of available measures are availbale below

The report on Final recommendations of the Work Package 5 is here

Work package 6 - Knowledge transfer

 1. Brochures on problems and solutions related to BSAP hazardous substances for specific industrial sectors in national languages

a. Production of building/ construction material

b. Metal processing industry and galvanic processes

c. Production of plastic products

2. General guidance documents on problems and solutions related to BSAP hazardous substances in national languages

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